Principal’s greeting
KUNORI, Hiroshi

九里学園 校長 The second verse of our school song goes like this:
【A translation】
As young people living in Japan, we are students of Kunori Gakuen. We ourselves have various abilities and skills. Competing and engaging with young people of other countries, we will make a new and wonderful world. That is our wish.

There are people of various historical backgrounds, of various cultures and with various senses of values in our world. Among them there are people in various countries and regions who continue to fight. We have to find some way of recognizing our similarities and reconciling our differences by realizing our likenesses, accepting and expressing our opinions and somehow coming to a mutual agreement to cooperate in order to build a better world. Our school works on the basis of this idea. Our students learn in an atmosphere which encourages each and every person to realize their irreplaceability and importance.
We have had students join us from many countries in the past. Would you like to seize the opportunity to become another member of our “family”?