Participant Centered Learning (Active Learning)

 Classes are first and foremost for students. They should have a central role in every class. Without students’ realization of this key factor, effective classes are difficult to achieve. Classes at Kunori Gakuen are on the basis of each student’s realization of their wanting to learn. We aim to bring about this ideal and constantly draw on as many teaching techniques as possible.
  In classes, in order to achieve this:
・ we try to create as many opportunities as possible for each student to express his or her ideas.
・ we appraise work of which results can be seen.
・ we try to give as much time as possible to students in order to speak out.
・ we try to incorporate opportunities for students to think about their own opinions, to let them develop their practical skills and realize their own strengths.
・ we try to let our students have as many experiences as possible.
With this approach, students are expected to take a central role in classes. From preparatory to review stages,students participate in our so-called Active Learning Program.