Club Activities

Club Activities(Sports)


Our ultimate aim is to make it to the Koushien National Tournament.Training is difficult ,but we have great teammates and an environment where we can focus on improving.
Our ultimate aim is the Prefecture’s Best Four.We all practice with a fulfilling and positive attitude.
 九里学園男子バスケ部 BASKETBALL

Our team is cheerful and fun.We practice to win the local tournament.

We’re an energetic and cheerful team.The training is hard but we always try our best and have great teammates.Our aim is to be the champions of the prefectural tournament.

We enjoy practicing tennis every day.Depending on weather,traning can be hard,but we all try to preserve it to be better.We have a great team.
九里学園女子テニス部 TENNIS(BOYS)
We train daily to improve as both individuals and a team and aim for the prefectural tournament.Our club advisor,coach and teammates are all kind.
All students in the track and field club practice hard and have high aims.
Our motto is “You can do it!”We practice hard to achieve high goals in our club,which we are proud of the history.
We practice hard and help each other improve through intense training.We learn both basic and advanced skills from an expert instructor.
We have high goals and train hard in our daily practice to get good results.
九里学園ソフト部 SOFTBALL
We train ourselves both physically and mentally to be stronger as we aim to be one of the top teams in the prefecture.We always practice together during games.
九里学園バドミントン部 BADMINTON
Both boys and girls and get along well.Both beginners and advanced level players can enjoy themselves.We aim to become physically and mentally stronger through our daily practice.
Kyudo (Japanese Archery) is recommended for anyone who wants to start something new.Beginners can achieve much anda become physically and mentally stronger.
九里学園弓道部 KENDO
Our club members are all cheerful and energetic.We aim to win many tournaments. Kendo is one of the most popular Japanese martial arts.
九里学園水泳部 SWIMMING
All the swimming club members get along well and enjoy training and swimming every day.
 九里学園スキー部 SKIING
We have an expert instructor and an excellent environment for practice.We train hard to win the interscholastic competition.

Club Activities(Culture)

Shodo is Japanese Calligraphy.We train our concentration powers through practice and enjoy to become winners in writing calligraphy displays for exhibitions.
 九里学園書道部 DANCE
We participate and perform in local festivals and events.We have fun dancing with great teammates every day.
 九里学園JRC Junior Red Cross
We participate as volunteer members of the Red Cross Society.We visit nursing homes and kindergartens.We hope to continue making people happy.
 九里学園生活科学部 LIFE SCIENCE
We enjoy cooking,sewing and making handicrafts regardless of gender.We work on making different crafts that we can submit to exhibitions.
Sado is Japanese Tea ceremony.We have the chance to make traditional tea ceremony and serve it to visitors at the school festival and various events.We learn the traditional way to make tea. 
 九里学園茶道部 COMPUTER
We learn spreadsheet operations and typing skills that are useful to help get qualifications for future job searches.
 イラストアニメ愛好会 ILLUSTRATION

We draw for club magazines and exhibition during the school festival.We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that helps us work on drawings.
 九里学園吹奏楽部 BRASSBAND
All the members get along well.Not only we participate in competitions but we enjoy visiting nursery homens and giving performances to communicate with people through music.
We enjoy interviewing people and collecting information to publish the regular school newspaper.We are happy when many people read our newspaper.
We write original novels,poems,and tanka-traditional Japanese style poems.We all get together and enjoy working on our creative processes.
 九里学園美術部 ART
Our club is very flexible so each of us can focus on our own personal style.