До свидания Dasha

Dasha, a Russian study abroad student who spent five months attending our school departed from Yonezawa City on August 21st and returned to Russia from Narita Airport on August 22nd.

She gave a farewell speech at the assembly of all the students on July 25th, the day before summer vacation started.

This was her message.(by Russian language)

Hello! My name is Dasha, I’m a student at Kunori High School.
I’m an exchange student who came here for 5 months on the AFS exchange program.
Today is my last day at this wonderful school.
My school life was very interesting, and I had a lot of fun here.
I met many people, and I didn’t want to leave this lovely school.
The teachers here are so friendly. I want to thank them for all their hard work.
I hope everyone keeps smiling and doing their best.
The students were also very kind, always supportive and helpful.
I made many friends in this school.



Thank you for these happy times!
Good luck to you all. I hope your dreams come true and that we will meet again!!


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